Don’t look back your not going that way

It occurred to me after today's tragic events, a lot of people will be looking for answers in order to move on. Shock can do some crazy things to us and the process of grief can be much harder, one day you wake up and it hits you like a tonne of bricks. They call … Continue reading Don’t look back your not going that way

Anxiety 4.0 

I thought I would give an update on how my anxiety has been lately as it's been a while!  I attended bodypower this weekend, second year in a row. If you don't know what that is, it's basically an exhibition of fitness with big and small brands and A LOT of confident people! You can … Continue reading Anxiety 4.0 

The lies behind social media 

Don't get me wrong, I love a good filter, especially the ones that make you look tanned, who doesn't look good with a tan?! However since starting this whole blogging malarky I've learnt a thing or two about how fake social media really is! It's scary!  If you think people's content is live, up to … Continue reading The lies behind social media 

Why it’s helpful to prioritise with mental health! 

I can't even believe I'm writing this but hey, here I am about to talk about everything I was against some years ago.  Organisation is such a boring topic but since starting my diploma in counselling, my life has never been so busy. I'm struggling to find time to breathe at the moment. I never … Continue reading Why it’s helpful to prioritise with mental health! 

How to gain employment when you suffer with mental health

When you suffer from a mental health problem it can be really hard to find or hold down a job. You have the issue of whether hiding the issue from potential employers is worth the risk. The stigma around mental health is still very present, there has been a massive incline in the amount of … Continue reading How to gain employment when you suffer with mental health

How to regain your focus 

If your anything like me, going to the gym is about wanting to look and feel good. When it comes to summer time you want the abs so you can wear all the cute bikinis that seem to spam our social media.  I had the privilege of attending the health bloggers summit yesterday in London … Continue reading How to regain your focus 

Flip a coin and you have a decision 

Ever feel like you can't make a decision? What if I was to tell you your unconscious mind already knows the answer. Just to blow your mind even more, your unconscious mind makes a decision 6 seconds before your conscious mind is even aware of it. Pressing a button, taking a step, your unconscious mind … Continue reading Flip a coin and you have a decision 

Anxiety 3.0

Have you ever felt like you have no emotion? A sense of feeling numb or empty. Look no further because I am here to bring you everything you need to know about anxiety (from someone who's experienced it anyway, I'm not a Dr! Just your average Joe).  When people experience a trauma, grievance or something … Continue reading Anxiety 3.0

Taking risks vs Anxiety 

Sometimes in life, you have to take risks in order to progress in life. I am probably the biggest anti risk taker you will meet! (She laughs nervously). I will come up with every excuse possible to not take it, where as if its someone else's risk to take I'm all for convincing them to … Continue reading Taking risks vs Anxiety 

Age is just a number guys! 

Training as a counsellor has completely opened my mind to how I view the world we live in. But unfortunately not everyone thinks the same. I'm considered young for the field I'm going into and for people who are narrow minded or who I consider inexperienced in life would find this difficult to understand.  The … Continue reading Age is just a number guys!