Anxiety 4.0 

I thought I would give an update on how my anxiety has been lately as it’s been a while! 

I attended bodypower this weekend, second year in a row. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically an exhibition of fitness with big and small brands and A LOT of confident people! You can meet Instagram famous people and people behind the ever popular brands like Gymshark. 

Whilst I was there I had anxiety the whole time, it’s quite a loud environment with music blaring on every stand and what feels like millions of people crowding around certain areas. It really made me think if mental health was visible, how many people in that one place would be feeling how I was? Interesting I know!

So whilst I pinched my leg or rubbed my back whilst I was stood still (this seems to help distract my mind from being anxious). I really took in the environment I was in, observing everyone around me which probably didn’t help the anxiety but it made it clear that whilst I felt completely lonely in such a populated area, I really didn’t have any idea who else was suffering. People walking around half naked and posing for photos doesn’t scream mental health issues, but that’s where I’m wrong. No one would of had an idea I felt this way, not unless I told them. 

At some points I wanted to run out crying because it was too much. I was constantly looking for the closest toilet every time we moved because yes anxiety triggers IBS and that means running to the loo. I avoided food as much as possible and in a place where your surrounded by free samples it’s such a challenge! 

If ever you find yourself in this situation, keep moving, I find when I’m walking around it distracts my mind because I’m focusing on where I’m going and this case not walking into people. When I stood still, I concentrated on my breathing and practised mindfulness, so if my stomach gurgled or became tense I would just repeat in my head “that’s just a feeling”. Then go back to concentrating on breathing slowly again. If thoughts came into my head then I would just think “that’s just a thought”, then focus back to my breathing again. It’s about taking control of what goes on in your mind so your able to live a normal life and do the things you want. 

Don’t ever let anxiety or any mental health problem get in the way of hobbies, fun or anything that brings you joy. Just take a moment to do the things I mentioned. If your new to mindfulness then download the headspace app and they can take you through a 10 minute free tutorial each day for 10 days, so you get use to practicing 10, if your a student, you can get it free with Spotify, bonus! 

Have a good week and remember you can do this! Go smash the week ahead whatever your goals are. 


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