The lies behind social media 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good filter, especially the ones that make you look tanned, who doesn’t look good with a tan?! However since starting this whole blogging malarky I’ve learnt a thing or two about how fake social media really is! It’s scary! 

If you think people’s content is live, up to date and freshly written, wrong! There are actually apps now that you can plan ahead and schedule for posts to be sent out at certain times of the day. It’s obviously convenient for busy people but it also takes out that personal level, your giving your viewers an illusion that you’re there, when your really not. 

As most social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram no longer show things in chronological order, it’s all done by algorithms, which is rather annoying! They choose what they think you want to see, so quite often, people will use the same photo or video but upload it again but with a slightly different angle because their audience might of missed it. 

Don’t get me wrong social media is amazing for businesses and networking with like minded people. I’ve met some instafamous people and if it wasn’t for these platforms, they wouldn’t of made such an amazing business growth. I’ve also met some amazing people through these events who inspire me everyday, like everything in life, it really does have its pros and cons. 

On the flip side and I’m only mentioning this because I’m all about mental health. The likes of social media are making people obsess over the way they look. These filters that make us tanned and fabulous just isn’t reality, you look in the mirror and think Jesus Christ, when did I become so ill looking! But then I remember that damn tanned filter. The same with half naked women and men posing, these muscles are defined by lighting and filters, these people still get bloated and spots like everyone else. Thankfully! We have some incredibly brace fitness models out there and inspirations finally showing their viewers what real life is and how social media can be completely fake. 

If you haven’t seen my post about self acceptance, then this is something I feel passionate about. Coming from a girl with a precious eating disorder, it’s hard for me to feel good about myself when I’m constantly comparing to these so called “perfectly” shaped people. When I’m reality they really are just like everyone else. 

It also goes for how many followers you have on your platforms now, this really can be fake too! Did you know you can buy followers! Yeah! If you see an Instagram with little pictures but a huge following, it’s completely fake. I also had a bit of a rant about people following and unfollowing, I’m sorry but if you have time to do this then you need to think about how you value your time. I just find it really pathetic, I only follow people if they provide interest to me or I like their style, so moral of the story is, don’t follow me if I’m not interesting to you, the likelihood of me following you back is ZERO! 

So put your phone down from time to time, take real photos and be proud of who you are. You don’t have to shy away from the camera or not apply filters just remember the difference between filtered and unfiltered. Also remember the friends you have around you, the ones that you can touch and physically talk to, virtual friends are great too, but real ones are just that little bit more safe. 

Just know I’ll be always be keeping it real with you guys always! Real content at real times, I just can’t give up those tanned filters ha! 


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