Why it’s helpful to prioritise with mental health! 

I can’t even believe I’m writing this but hey, here I am about to talk about everything I was against some years ago. 

Organisation is such a boring topic but since starting my diploma in counselling, my life has never been so busy. I’m struggling to find time to breathe at the moment. I never used to use calendars, diaries or keep any type of lists. I totally winged it, I love being free and going with the flow and hate being restricted to routine, it makes me want to rebel, I found out today I’m the squiggly line! Haha I’ll explain another time! 

However, since the diploma and deciding to take redundancy, I have had to prioritise and organise myself massively, it’s been a huge shock to the system to say the least. I’m normally that student that sits there anxiously watching other people get out their completed homework and wondering how I missed the memo. So I just wanted to share some basic tips on how to organise yourself and make sure you put in time for you to keep yourself well! 

  1. TASK LISTS!!! Omg these have been my saviour. I used to write stuff down as I went along in my notepad but obviously this would still make me miss it so I had to rethink. I prepare a task list at the beggining of every lesson and just write down each piece of homework, reading or task as the teacher tells me, it means I only have one place to refer back to. 
  2. Actually use the calendar on your phone! Any appointment that I make now goes straight into my phone. I know your probably thinking this girl is stupid, but I literally used to wing everything. 
  3. Plan! I spent so much time just wasting it, looking on my phone. Researching about shit I didn’t need to know about. Talking to my mum about crap. I’m still trying to learn not to do that but it’s a working progress. Any free time I have, I plan out what I’m going to achieve. College work, see a friend, boyfriend or taking the time to just chill on my own and watch my fav programmes, it’s important you plan that in for your own wellbeing. 
  4. Social media is probably the most unsociable job. Planning content or banking photos/video clips when you have no time or inspiration is a great way to get organised. I’m still new to this blogging malarkey so I have a lot to learn in that respect, but that’s certainly something I’ve learnt along the way. 
  5. Talk to people and network, I vowed to myself this year that I would challenge and get myself out there. I think I’ve pretty much achieved that already and it’s made me hungry for more. I’ve been to London on my own and again with someone else and I have to say I’m starting to love the city. I’ve met so many amazing people recently, at the health bloggers event and LDNM social media seminar. It’s been so good to hear other people’s stories and just know that your not alone. Everyone really is struggling for the same thing. One think I learned is that it’s not a competition, help empower people and do what you love and everything else will just fall into place. If it doesn’t then who cares, your doing something for you which is more important than anyone else. 

I know it’s a boring subject and organisation for some is already well established, however it really is true that routine and having a plan really does help keep you well. Take it from someone who’s tried and tested, rebelled against it then realised later on that everyone else was right. 


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