How to regain your focus 

If your anything like me, going to the gym is about wanting to look and feel good. When it comes to summer time you want the abs so you can wear all the cute bikinis that seem to spam our social media. 

I had the privilege of attending the health bloggers summit yesterday in London and it was such a good experience. I got to meet some incredible people and learnt so much I just had to share it. 

Lauren Armes, Laura Thomas and Rhiannon Lambert are nutritionists or entrepreneurs and provided so much advice about myths and facts on diet and food, Ive had a bad relationship with food and my body in the past and I’ve thought about it a lot as to whether I should share that part of my life. However as the day had such an influence on my mindset I felt it was necessary and important for people reading this, to understand my circumstances. This is all my own opinion and experience so it’s good to be honest to completely relate to why I feel so passionate about their advice. 

My lowest weight was about 7 stone and size 0-6, I was very thin and unhealthy. I was monitored by my GP for a number of months. The ultimate thing that made me put on weight and become healthy again, was when I was threatened to be put in an eating disorder clinic. I’m a healthy size 10 now and I’m a text book 24 year old when it comes to my stats and BMI. 

However, I still have that demon in my mind and it can be a struggle in daily life. I rarely buy new clothes because I’m always in the mindset of they won’t fit me for much longer because I’m going to lose the weight I’ve put on again. I know that my previous weight is unhealthy and and unrealistic goal to set but like I said it’s a demon. Socialising, I’m generally always thinking about if I look fat, feel fat, beating myself up about what I ate that day if it was bad. I’m slowly trying to turn down that voice and whilst I accept it will always be in the back of mind, if I can get it to be quieter for me to enjoy life then that’s an achievement I’ll be proud of. These three women were proud to say that you can eat what you like as long as it’s balanced, you might destroy some Lindt bunnies this weekend but you might eat some brocolli next weekend. You shouldn’t feel guilt for eating what you fancy and you shouldn’t make anyone else feel bad too! Love that! 

Lauren also talked about social media and whilst I love to write my blog, I completely lost my love for it and started to focus purely on my following. Lauren explained that a following doesn’t mean anything. If your writing content that you love and feel passionate about, your audience will follow.  Lauren doesn’t have a big following like some and it hasn’t impacted her business at all. She’s very successful without it and being real and honest means more to me than the following. 

Luke worthington who trains the likes of Alice Livestrong (clean eating Alice), provided so much information it had a serious impact on me. I’ve always gone to the gym to lose weight, to run on that treadmill until I can’ breathe, try and get as many reps as possible to gain the muscle. Sound familiar? Well Luke explained, what do you actually go to the gym for? To look aesthetic? Our social media is so full of people claiming to look ripped by doing certain exercises, such as the famous HIIT, it’s impossible to not compare yourself. The gym is for wanting to achieve something or get better at doing something. 

I never thought about the gym that way, I never looked at something and think okay, I want to be able to do 10 pull ups, what do I need to do to achieve this? Luke completely brought it back to basics and said you need to focus on your breathing, this guy is a science genius and knows his stuff! Check his insta out! Focus on your body and the rest will follow. The gym should be about wanting to achieve or improve on something, looking good or “hot” is just an added perk. So from now on I’ll be going to the gym and think about what I actually want to get good at, focus on my breathing and how I’m positioned. 

That was a lot of information!!! The key things to take away from this is numbers mean nothing! Do what you love and everything else will follow, writing content that your passionate about will come across to your audience. Focus on your breathing and your body position not how hard or fast your going to burn the calories. I definitely learnt slow and steady wins the race, I’m done being the hare, it’s exhausting!! 


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