Flip a coin and you have a decision 

Ever feel like you can’t make a decision? What if I was to tell you your unconscious mind already knows the answer. Just to blow your mind even more, your unconscious mind makes a decision 6 seconds before your conscious mind is even aware of it. Pressing a button, taking a step, your unconscious mind has already decided 6 seconds before you even know it! I know right! I was like WHAT?!?! That’s crazy. 

When it comes to making decisions I literally sit on the fence with everything. I’m always too scared because I don’t want to face the consequences, I would much rather stick with the safe option even if it makes me unhappy. Stupid I know, but we are all guilty of it. That’s why it’s the year of challenges for me, and on Saturday I’m going to London alone! Some of you might be thinking who is this girl, London, that’s a piece of piss, is she mental. No, no I’m not, just an average girl with an anxiety issue forcing herself to be uncomfortable for a change. 

Anyway, the other day I was taught something that inspired me and I wanted to share to see if it would help anyone else. What is this inspiration you ask?…. flip a coin when you can’t make those decisions. I bet your thinking “oh how original” well if you give someone a choice they may change their mind or not go with how they really feel. Whereas if you give them a choice of heads or tails for each option, flip it and then don’t let them see it. Ask them, how are you going to feel if the answer is….. and how are you going to feel if it’s the other option. Chances are they already know what the answer is and if your doing it on yourself, that feeling you get inside when you think about if it’s the answer you don’t want. BINGO! Lightbulb moment, there is your decision. That is the unconscious mind making it’s way into your conscious mind. 

Flip a coin, make a decision, just like Harvey from Batman says “you make your own luck” 


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