Anxiety 3.0

Have you ever felt like you have no emotion? A sense of feeling numb or empty. Look no further because I am here to bring you everything you need to know about anxiety (from someone who’s experienced it anyway, I’m not a Dr! Just your average Joe). 

When people experience a trauma, grievance or something big enough to bring on a panic attack, or high levels of anxiety and/or stress your body reacts in 3 simple ways, flight, fight or freeze mode. 

I’ve explained a bit about the fight or flight response before in a previous post,  but there’s also another mode called freeze. It’s better known as emotional detachment and everyone can experience it differently. You may feel a sense of emptiness or unable to show emotion, or maybe your unable to respond to positive events with happiness and joy. 

You may find your able to get out of bed and go to work or school, you could even feel empowered and confident in the process. However your not truely tuning in to your emotions, so when something happens you may “blow” and not understand where that came from because your experiencing reality again, that can be scary! 

Whilst this may be your brain protecting you, over using it can suppress your emotion to the point you have memory loss from living what people call a ‘robotic life’. I can honestly admit, there are certain points of my life I can’t remember anything at all. I get muddled with the order and it can make me sad or anxious when I can’t remember an event someone is telling me about. 

Don’t threat! You don’t belong in the nuthouse, it’s a form of protection. You could be worried you may get hurt again, go into a deep depressive state or have a fear of feeling again. The affect is temporary and counselling or having a safe place to talk, will help build your emotional resilience again.  

Until next time, look after number one, always put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. Well at least thats what my teachers tell me! If you want to read more about anxiety please read my other blog posts. 


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