Age is just a number guys! 

Training as a counsellor has completely opened my mind to how I view the world we live in. But unfortunately not everyone thinks the same. I’m considered young for the field I’m going into and for people who are narrow minded or who I consider inexperienced in life would find this difficult to understand. 

The average age of the youngest person is about 35! Okay people may argue that it’s because they have more life experience but you are so far from the truth and I would actually consider you quite judgemental. I’m 24, I know I’ve experienced things in my life that some 50 year olds have never dealt with.

My mum for example, she went to uni at the age of 50 (sorry mum, your secrets out, your not 29 anymore) haha that’s considered unusual and people either applaud it or question it. You have 15 year olds cracking codes at school and building a business by the age of 24. People are becoming younger at building empires, just like the guy who created gymshark, he was 19 when he started that! All of this was considered impossible not that long ago, but truth is, it’s happening. 

It doesn’t matter what age you are, the amount of life experience you have is irrelevant. You can live till your 100 and never encounter a single problem, I know let’s be honest that’s far from the truth. But my point is, it doesn’t matter how long you have been on this planet, you don’t know how much people have been through, experienced or have knowledge on. Seeing a young face means nothing, your conditioned to think they are immature and naive with no real exposure to life’s struggles. Wrong! You don’t have to be old to know how the world works.

I’m totally proud to be in the category of young counsellors and until I reach an age where I don’t belong there anymore. Then I will take this experience and use it to support other young people wanting to do the same thing. 


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