How to get organised! 

I can’t event even believe I’m writing a blog post on organisation. I’m literally the most unorganised person your meet. I am last, go with the flow, not stress about the detail kind of girl! Like I said some people call me maverick at work!

As much as I love to be chilled and unique because let’s face it since when did being like everyone else become appealing? Not in my books! But unfortauntely I was forced into geting some organisation skills into my life. I had my first proper lesson the other day, it was rather overwhelming and hideously long, I mean 5 assignments handed to you on day one! By the last one we were all screaming “make it stop!” 

It’s okay though, I totally have this shit under control, how you ask? Well! I went home and momentarily broke down to my mum until I realised that I am not helping the situation and need to get my shit together.  

1. I went and got the cute folder I brought recently and added tabs for each subject. Cute stationary really does help with motivation, I am a visual person so anything pink and pretty, send my way! I put all the paper work for each lesson into the right subject. It made it so clear to see what I had to do for each tutor. 

2. I came across this blog called the organised student, she created free printables! And they are so damn cute! Task lists, essay planners, calendars, definition lists, it even has daily planners with added extras like what your going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It even included pictures of cups you could colour in so you can keep track of hydration! It was like health and fitness mixed with daily goals! Brilliant! Go and print them off! I printed several to help me get through this. 

3. Use your time wisely! My class doesn’t start till 1.15pm on a Wednesday so I have the whole morning free. On my first day I managed to go to the gym, cook breakfast, lunch, dinner AND make extra for work the next day! I literally felt like I was winning at life. I can’t tell you how easy that made my life, when I came home at 9pm, I was super thankful I didn’t have to make anything. The next morning I could just get ready and go, no faffing, my brain was free of stress and I will totally continue that routine every week! 

4. Prepare assignments early, so I’ve already started typing up all the questions and how many words each one needs to be to meet the word count. I know this is a really small thing but I know it will help me in the long run. I won’t have to keep checking how many words each section needs to be or revisiting the question because it’s already there. Highlight it in red so you remember to delete it when your done. I’ve also added page numbers and my student ID in the footer because I always forget those small parts! 

5. Make a task list so you can have one for each week. I used the organised students free printable page, they have cute hearts to colour in when your done. It makes life easier because you can keep track of all the tasks that are set by each tutor from different lessons. 

I absolutely hate organisation and attention to detail, I love free flowing, creativity and the ability to be flexible. I never thought I would be writing a blog about this and it makes me feel slightly queezy ha! But for someone that suffers from anxiety, this has helped me tremendously. It puts all your thoughts into one place, you can see what you need to do and it provides space in your head for more important things! Like day dreaming and fantasising about life haha. If you have anxiety and become overwhelmed easily, I would highly recommend everything I outlined above. Your thank yourself for it, spending just a few moments putting things in order and creating the space you need in your mind to get those pesky assignments done or to just have the peace of mind knowing you don’t have to think about it anymore. 

Good luck!


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