If you ever watched the film Wild Child when Poppy’s good friend Ruby tries to make her feel better about moving to England. She basically tells her she will definitely get S.A.D, you will know what I’m talking about. Seasonal affective disorder resulting in acne and weight gain, duh! 

That is actually a thing, if you noticed your mood has been slightly lifted lately, notice that the sun has been out a bit more and the days have been lighter and longer. In the winter I tend to feel more sluggish and unmotivated, hibernation generally is a must! 

My mother once mentioned to me that she thought I had it. So if you find yourself putting on weight and being incredibly moody in the winter you now have an excuse! You know how society loves to label everything. On a more serious note, I have noticed on sunny, brighter days, I find myself singing in the car on the way to work like no one is watching. I feel motivated and excited about life, but as soon as those clouds come over and the rain starts pouring, I feel super sad and unable to engage with people. And I love people (well most, I’m still human). 

I haven’t yet found a way to love the darker, shorter days. I do find the gym can help with that, doing any type of fitness will realise a hormone called endorphins, the happy drug! Just like when you watch legally blonde and Elle Woods says “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people don’t shoot their husbands” and she was so damn right! If you don’t leave the gym like a beetroot sweating from head to toe then you have no idea what your missing out on! 

Join a class with some friends, or make new friends in a class. If your not quite brave enough to embrace other people then download an at home workout so you can bounce around in your PJ’s if you like, it’s totally acceptable! Until the window cleaner sees you and then I would run and hide behind the sofa! 

Obviously the winter months brings lots of joyful activities, like xmas and warm cosy nights in watching films and drinking hot chocolate. But unfortunately if your like me and haven’t won the lottery yet, we can’t sit and do this all the time, we have to participate in this thing called work. 

As we are approaching summer, we all have some time to make some changes so those winter months aren’t so dull. So come out of hibernation and look forward to what’s ahead. I know I can’t wait for the summer, sun, sea and relaxation! I can smell the BBQ already. 


4 thoughts on “S.A.D

  1. recoveryforallofmyheart says:

    What is your opinion on this-I love the rain and the dark and the dreary days and I would rather it be like that than have the sun out, but I do feel so much happier when the sun is out. Do you think that is sad or just waves of depression that coincidentally come during the winter?


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