The first day of the rest of my life 

So I had orientation day yesterday at college to start my counselling diploma. I am officially transitioning from counselling skills user to student counsellor! How about them apples! 

On a serious note, I wanted to talk about how hard it can be for anyone with anxiety entering into the unknown. I count myself extremely lucky because practically the whole of my level 3 group from last year are all moving on to this level, minus a few. We are all quite close and I consider it a “special” bond, we love to support eachother and meet up when we can to help out. Not everyone gets that opportunity though. 

Some people have to start something completely alone and try to get their voices heard and make new friends. If I didn’t have those people with me yesterday, I have to say I would of hated every second. I would of  wanted to crawl back into bed at home and just avoid the situation altogether. 

One thing I have learnt is you can’t expect to like everyone. Even in the counselling world, we are all considered to be non judgemental and open to everyone. The reality is we are just human too, we have feelings and values we like to live by. You can’t expect to find everyone meeting to those. So there were a few hiccups throughout the day for me with certain people not really jelling with my vibe, so it’s safe to say I’ll be keeping those at an arms length for a while. Just until I feel comfortable enough to trust who they are. But hey! Don’t judge, I’m still a young, eager beaver ready to learn and hopefully change my outlook on life! 

I have to say, my anxiety was pretty damn under control but again I had a room full of people I knew, which took my attention off people I didn’t. I had people to talk to when I was worried or annoyed and omg! Did I mention we had a dog in the room, I have to say canines well and truely make you feel settled, I think they are the future of helping mental health issues. 

Im excited but slightly intimidated for what I have got myself into. I just keep reminding myself of the finale when I get to wear a cap and gown and feel super proud of my achievements. Although one of my peers laughed at me and said your on day one and your already thinking about the end, I laughed because that person is funny and they had a point. But hey! Don’t let anyone dampen your sparkle, be positive, happy and do whatever works for you. I know I’ll get days when I struggle but I have a whole group of future counsellors now, I’m bloody sorted for life! #winning 

“One step at a time” – Jordan Sparks, because you know I can’t resist a good old bloody quote to make you feel warm inside! Haha 

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