Anxiety 3.0

Have you ever felt like you have no emotion? A sense of feeling numb or empty. Look no further because I am here to bring you everything you need to know about anxiety (from someone who's experienced it anyway, I'm not a Dr! Just your average Joe).  When people experience a trauma, grievance or something … Continue reading Anxiety 3.0

Taking risks vs Anxiety 

Sometimes in life, you have to take risks in order to progress in life. I am probably the biggest anti risk taker you will meet! (She laughs nervously). I will come up with every excuse possible to not take it, where as if its someone else's risk to take I'm all for convincing them to … Continue reading Taking risks vs Anxiety 

Age is just a number guys! 

Training as a counsellor has completely opened my mind to how I view the world we live in. But unfortunately not everyone thinks the same. I'm considered young for the field I'm going into and for people who are narrow minded or who I consider inexperienced in life would find this difficult to understand.  The … Continue reading Age is just a number guys! 

How to get organised! 

I can't event even believe I'm writing a blog post on organisation. I'm literally the most unorganised person your meet. I am last, go with the flow, not stress about the detail kind of girl! Like I said some people call me maverick at work! As much as I love to be chilled and … Continue reading How to get organised! 


If you ever watched the film Wild Child when Poppy's good friend Ruby tries to make her feel better about moving to England. She basically tells her she will definitely get S.A.D, you will know what I'm talking about. Seasonal affective disorder resulting in acne and weight gain, duh!  That is actually a thing, if … Continue reading S.A.D

The first day of the rest of my life 

So I had orientation day yesterday at college to start my counselling diploma. I am officially transitioning from counselling skills user to student counsellor! How about them apples!  On a serious note, I wanted to talk about how hard it can be for anyone with anxiety entering into the unknown. I count myself extremely lucky … Continue reading The first day of the rest of my life