Anxiety 2.0

Have you ever been in a position where you can’t concentrate or sit still for more than a second? Well I have, quite often actually and I recently learnt a few new facts about anxiety that need to be shared! 

Mental health is massively on the rise, it was only this evening that I heard about a young girl taking her own life because a DR said she was a time waster. It breaks my heart, her mother went on to explain that if someone walked into A&E with their leg hanging off, people wouldn’t ignore you. I can’t help but agree, mental health is invisible, you can’t see it and sometimes people struggle to understand it, even professionals. If you have never physically experienced yourself, how are you suppose to know. If you find yourself in this position then it’s important to educate yourself and feel reassured that you could save someone’s life one day. It’s no different to pulling someone out of a burning building. Just think of it as first aid training except for the brain! This shit should be mandatory but hey what do I know! 

Anyway, back to anxiety, so the other day I was asked if I find it hard to concentrate and focus on detail for long periods of time, I obviously replied yeah, but I’ve always just accepted that to be apart of who I am. WRONG! Anxiety, can sometimes be described as “foggy” thinking, it can lead to poor concentration and impaired memory. For example, when I read books, nothing goes in, I’ll read a sentence and think what the fuck have I just read. Let’s try again, nope nothing. I get really frustrated with myself and give up. I can be slow at producing work because I’m not a planner and prefer last minute pressure. I basically put it off or avoid it at all cost! Lol procrastination should be a profession! I would earn a mint! 

My memory can be really awful sometimes, especially if I’m anxious. Forget giving my directions, I’ll just keep asking you to repeat them until I have to physically force you to show me the way. My brain just switches off and to be honest it’s when I need it to function the most. When I get to a stage that I’ve calmed down, the whole thing just becomes a blur, it’s hard to remember exactly what happened. I remember bits of it but the whole puzzle has missing pieces. 

I never knew that anxiety had cognitive symptoms attached to it. This is why it’s important to keep yourself well in order to function in everyday life. Including work, this is probably the most challenging environment, well for me it is anyway because my job requires so much attention to detail and for me it takes a lot more out of me than most. Regular breaks and being able to speak with someone you trust can help that. 

Your work should be putting things in place to help you as their breaching the equality act by not doing so. So make sure your covered and protected for your own health and wellbeing. 

I’m a maverick and I like to do things my own way but I’ve had years of practice coping with it. Whatever stage your at, just know there is a way and you will get there. Don’t give up and keep talking! A problem shared is a problem halved! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! Mwah! 

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