The Black Dog

Depression! it’s another common mental health condition storming the nation at a fast pace with little evidence of it getting any easier for people. If you were to sustain a physical injury such as a broken leg, people are likely to ask questions and wish you well on your recovery, its something you can physically see and empathise with, making time off work and life in general much easier to cope with. Doctor’s know how to treat it by understanding how it happened and know how they can fix it.

Depression just isn’t that easy, for starters it’s invisible, you can’t see it and it can only be treated if that person chooses to seek help. It can be easily disguised with a simple smile or just getting on with everyday life, no one really knows how everyone feels inside.

Whilst on my counselling course we had to deliver a presentation, one of my class mates delivered one on mental health and used a video called “I had a Black dog, it’s name was depression” and I found the video so inspiring, it backs up everything I had explained in my Anxiety post and more! you might find it useful too! I think it’s a great tool to use to explain what depression is really like for people who have never experienced it before.

Depression and Anxiety sometimes go hand in hand, either one coming first and bringing on the other. This video makes you feel like your not alone and that everyone has had or still has their own “black dog”, it’s okay to talk about it, a problem shared is a problem halved! When your ready get talking, life could be that little bit brighter!

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