Awkward Intro

Not sure how this works but Hi! you may already know me, think you know me or have no idea who I am but you have come to read my page through pure nosiness (if that’s a word?) or interested to know what I have to say. 
This year is probably, most likely going to be the most challenging year yet, so I thought blogging my way through and sharing random things in between my ups and downs would do some good. I know this is making my thoughts and feelings rather public but hey, life is what you make it and I am hoping it will help others either through relating to it and knowing your not alone or learning something, every day is a school day!My best friend and partner in crime is due to start the Royal Marines in February, yes the week before Valentines Day so I will spending that with my two best mates Ben and Jerry whilst you lot cuddle with your loved one. Its been a long journey to get to this point and we still have 8 months of hell to get through until he truly is a Bootneck and earns his “Green Beret” until then hes just a Nod apparently, its okay I don’t understand their language either! So toasting to 2017 was definitely a sad time thinking about everything that is about to come.
On top of that, I am also embarking on my own journey and starting the DipHE in Counselling, which requires 2 years of study and whole lot of hard work and it doesn’t end after that either, 450 hours of volunteering just to get registered! but it’s the most rewarding job anyone could have, you learn so much about yourself and others and it really does help you in everyday life.
So there’s a lot to deal with this year and being a fellow anxiety sufferer it can send me into complete meltdowns, 2017, is going to be a roller coaster but I am ready to share, some may be random, some I will be so proud and others may be a struggle but that’s just life for everyone, right?

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