Don’t be so hard on yourself 

If I were to give 16 year old Melissa some advice now, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Thinking I was going to be married, have my own place and a shit hot job by the age of 25, was most definitely ambitious, looking back it seemed so far away but those years fly … Continue reading Don’t be so hard on yourself 

How businesses SHOULD be treating mental health 

One of my goals is to literally teach businesses about mental health and challenge them on their approach. I've seen it time and time again people going on long term sick because of unfair treatment, workplace bullying and just poor management. I'm one of them thats been victim to this, luckily I came out the … Continue reading How businesses SHOULD be treating mental health 

Accepting who you are

Since starting this blog, a few people have messaged me to say how brave they think I am for speaking out about my anxiety but also how wrong they had me as I appeared so confident. First of all, you never really know how someone feels, it's a complete mystery because you can't physically see … Continue reading Accepting who you are

Healthy mind, healthy body! 

As it's January and I'm sure most of you are wanting to improve the way you look one way or another as part of your new year, new me (que rolling eyes). I thought I would dedicate this one to how anxiety or high levels of stress can affect you losing weight. It's a complicated … Continue reading Healthy mind, healthy body! 

Knowledge is power, share it! 

Panic attacks! there seems to be different variations as to what people think a panic attack is and how they have experienced them but for me it's the most horrendous and terrifying experience.  I've only ever had 2 from what I can remember and I count myself lucky for this! The first one was at … Continue reading Knowledge is power, share it! 

The Black Dog

Depression! it's another common mental health condition storming the nation at a fast pace with little evidence of it getting any easier for people. If you were to sustain a physical injury such as a broken leg, people are likely to ask questions and wish you well on your recovery, its something you can physically … Continue reading The Black Dog


Probably the no.1 thing I wanted to talk about publicly at some point in my life. Everyone seems to have it these days either because more people speak out about it or life has become so pressured and stressful that people just can't cope. I'm not really quite sure but it's on the rise. I've … Continue reading Anxiety.

Awkward Intro

Not sure how this works but Hi! you may already know me, think you know me or have no idea who I am but you have come to read my page through pure nosiness (if that’s a word?) or interested to know what I have to say.  This year is probably, most likely going to … Continue reading Awkward Intro